A Complete Spit Roast Catering & Finger Food Service

Optional Extras

A delicious selection of platters to compliment main meals (minimum of 20 guests).
  • Fresh Seafood Platter


    Platter of oysters and fresh prawns served with seafood sauce

  • Cold Meat Platter


    A selection of cold meats

  • Chicken Platter


  • Meat & Cheese Platter


  • Antipasto Platter


    Sundried tomatoes, continental meats and plain and stuffed olives

  • Cheese Platter


    Selection of gourmet cheeses served with crackers

  • Fresh Fruit Platter*


    *Selection of seasonal fruits

  • Children’s Menu

    OPTION 1

    $12.95 per Child (kitchen facilities required)

    Party pies / sausage rolls / mini pizzas / Italian meatballs & chicken nuggets served with sauces plus iced cupcake.

Vegetarian Selections

  • Individual Mediterranean Vegetable Frittata

    (Minimum Order Required)

    $8.90 Each

  • Individual Pumpkin, Feta & Spinach Frittata

    (Minimum Order Required)

    $8.90 each

  • Individual Pumpkin, Pesto & Pine Nut Quiche

    (Minimum Order Required)

    $8.90 each

  • Goats Cheese, Caramelised Onion & Thyme Quiche

    (Minimum Order Required)

    $8.90 each

  • Gluten-free Rolls

    $3.00 each

Vegan & Vegetarian Options

  • Loaded Veggie Indian Curry GF, P
    (min. order required)
  • Loaded Veggie Fried Rice P
    (min. order required)
  • Indian Lentil & Saffron Rice Salad GF, P
    (min. order required)
  • Glass Noodle & Asian Vegetable Salad GF, P
    (min. order required)
  • Edamame Freekeh & Kale Salad P
    (min. order required)
  • Mexican Quinoa & Bean Salad GF, V
    (min. order required)

Drinks Package

  • A selection of canned soft drinks and water. No cups required, with bags of ice and tubs to serve from.

    $3.95 per Guest (incl. 1 selection per guest)

    $5.95 per Guest (incl. 2 selections per guest)

All Prices Include GST

GF Gluten Free – DF Dairy Free – P Plant Based